Katie Walker

Web Developer / Designer

Computer Science Student

I Design


I'm a Web Designer / Developer. I currently work for Websell Masters where I specialise in Front End and SEO. I am also completing a OnCampus Web Engineering placement with University of Sheffield. I'll be spending my summer at Tombola as a Game Client Intern.
I'm also Inclusion and Trip Officer for HackSheffield Society, a Senior Student Ambassador for Computer Science, on the Diversity and Equality Committee and a Student Rep for Mathematics at University of Sheffield. I regularly attend hackathons and conferences.


I enjoy creating beautiful, fast and responsive websites

Web applications using Nodejs, APIs and front-end frameworks

2D and 3D games using assets I've created in Blender and Adobe



  • 3D Platformer (3D Unity)
  • Forest Jump (2D Unity)
  • theGetawayClub (Sinatra, Ruby)
  • SheffBall (2D Javascript)
  • PizzaShed (Sinatra)