Katie Walker

Computer Science Student / Web Developer


I am a second year Computer Science and Mathematics student. I currently work at Websell Masters Ltd as a Web Developer

When not at University, I create mobile games and websites. My Github shows the majority of projects I have undertaken


Getaway Club

A team submission for HackSheffield-3.0.

Winner for best use of .tech domain

Created using:

-Ruby with Sinatra

-Hosted on AWS

-Using various APIs including SkyScanner

Forest Jump

A 2D platformer with the aim of staying alive as long as possible to get the best score.

Skills learned:

-Programmed in C#


-Unity 2D

3D Platformer

A short 3D game to practise modelling, Unity and simple game mechanics

Skills learned:

-Unity 3D

-Blender (3D Modelling software)